A Game-Changing Christmas

Whew! Let me just start with that. It is with great pleasure, blood, sweat, and tears that I bring you this crossover edition of the Falling for a Rose and In the Heart of a Valentine holiday edition!

I have gotten so much feedback about the two families and your love for them both and your desire to see them patch things up that I have lost count. However, I knew trying to create a story like this would be a challenge. Let’s face it, both of these family’s are pretty big, and besides that, the rivalry isn’t something that can just easily go away with a ‘let’s get over it’ attitude.

Nah, the history of this feud runs a little thick, so finding a common solution won’t be easy, if at all. Writing this novella kept my emotions running high, and let me tell you why. We’re catching up with the couples you’ve read about in the Falling for a Rose series, and vice versa for In the Heart of a Valentine. Add a common enemy, a brewing love affair, surrounded by a whole bunch of sexiness and wa-la! Here we are.

I’d like to be clear about the brewing love affair. It is not a Rose and Valentine hookup. The Rose’s are all accounted for. If you’ve read Give Me A Reason, book three in the Valentine series then you’ve met Bri St. James and Raphael Valentine. While their story comes in January, you’ll get an inside look at their brewing romance in this holiday edition, and I hope you love it!

Oh, by the way, if you’d like to pre-order, A Game-Changing Chrismas is available now on Amazon.

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No Holds Barred Blog Tour

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Hi guys! Hunter Valentine and I are going on a one-day blog tour where we will stop at eighteen blogs in a twenty-four hour period. During these hops, you’ll get to know Hunter Valentine (hero) and Camilla Augustina (heroine). You’ll also get to know a little bit about me! ūüėČ Below are the scheduled hops, come along with me!

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