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I’m gearing up for the 2016 Chattanooga’s Authors and Entrepreneurs showcase, presented by S.W.A.T. Book Camp. Come out to meet and greet me and other fantastic authors. Entry is free, there’s even something for the kids! Stop by and grab a signed book!


Join me,  Today 5:30 pm., Let me know you’ll be there by commenting on this post with your name and email address and receive a special discount and a swag bag!



An the winners are…


Saturday April 26, 2014 we had a ball during the release of my new story Broken. The event was hosted on a Facebook event page wall and there were a lot of giveaways. First of all Marissa Palmer who is the author of the Lost In Bliss series was hosting the event with yours truly because her story was also being released on the same day. Marissa writes up under the pen Name Janae M. Robinson. The name was inspired by her three kids Ke’Asha Janae (Janae), Michael (M.), and Breanna Robinson (Robinson). What a unique way to come up with a pen name right? You can find her books on Amazon. So as the event went on we played games and gave challenges for our guest to win gifts. This post is to give a special shout out to those winners.


Congratulations! Ikia Hennings, Tekela Howard, Me’Tova Hollingsworth the winner of our subscriber only contest, and Arlena Gordon Dean the winner of our bonus giveaway! They were our top winners for the contest and giveaways.  There prizes included ebook giveaways and Amazon or Barnes & Nobles gift cards! giveawayIt was a good event and we had a great time.  My favorite part was the challenge questions some of you had me crying laughing!  Besides the primary giveaways every reader who attended the event got a free $99 cent ebook just for being there!  If you were there and you didn’t get yours contact me by commenting on this post or through Facebook.  In the meantime get ready for the next release it’s one a lot of you have all been waiting for.  For Better and Worse Part 3 of Trouble In Paradise and I guarantee it’s a PAGE TURNER!  Sign up for my newsletter you never know what kind of contest or giveaways I will send out next!



$1.99 on ebook

It’s New Years Eve and my short story Wreckless is available on Amazon, Nook, Kobo, and Smashwords. Grab your ebook device and get your copy! Writing a short story was no easy task for me. Let’s face it, the challenge is to compile a 60,000 word novel in a 10.000 word story. That’s HUGE! It must come with everything and I’m proud to say this story definitely does. After going through a series of editing and test reading this story has been shaped into the baby I wanted it to be. Yes, it was just as hectic at times to get it right but it was well worth the fight!

Wreckless dives into the life of a love sick fanatic, Jasmine Johnson. She is completely mesmerized by a college cutie Maurice Desmon Jones. He on the other hand has no clue. Jasmine never actually approaches Maurice but when she sees the opportunity someone steps on her toes and gets to him before she can. Oh that is more than Jasmine can handle. She goes into a jealous rage and acts on her emotions. That puts her in a deep situation that will have major consequences. Jasmine tries to fix her problems but she only ends up causing more. This story has everything, drama, revenge, murder, suspense, thrills, pain, misery and inspiration.

There’s nothing left to do now but feed your need to read! Hop on over to one of these retailers and grab your copy. Leave an awesome review when your done I’d appreciate that. Connect with me, subscribe to my mailing list for the latest contest, guest appearances and upcoming releases from Love Is A Drug, Ink. Now tell me, what’s the last short story you read?

Spotlight on Author Dominque Wilkins

Dominique Wilkins is a licensed cosmetologist and married mother of five children who writes short stories to which everyone can relate. In a time where crime is high, morale is low, and drama is everywhere, Dominique writes to encourage her readers and provide them with resources to keep them going and do better. Read real stories about bad parents; jealous neighbors; backstabbing friends; cheating; love; pain; and the ability to inspire change or provide a life lesson. Transferring a decade of emotional support and encouragement from the beauty shop to the pages, these stories are written with biblical messages intermingled for the reader to refer back to or research for more healing on their particular need directly from The Bible.

Dominique believes that we often cannot solve our own problems, but maybe, when they’re put into a story in someone else’s shoes, they can then be seen and solved more easily. She’s written over 15 short stories for you to enjoy. She has received great 5 star reviews for many of her titles, such as Theresa in Wonderland, 7:10, The Bad Parent and Forgiven. Not Forgotten.

 I am pleased to present you with various books, in the Contemporary Christian and Inspirational fiction genre. These books are all written in and around everyday life events. There are sometimes brief sex, violence, or profanity included, but please do not be offended, as they are written with taste. You or someone that you know may identify with these characters or stories. They are all written for you to not only enjoy as you revisit these familiar scenes and activities, but to receive its message. Everyone will not like the story’s message or contents, but please keep in mind, that though you may not like it and it may seem extreme or unreal, please understand that these stories are all inspired by real life events and news reports. So, the book that you have may not be your story, but don’t let that stop you from finding your story. I’ve got plenty of other titles to choose from! The majority of the books are short, so that the message will not be lost while your entertainment need is being met without taking a large portion out of your time. You may question, who authorized me to deliver messages to anyone? The answer is simple. I have no authority by the city, state or government to pass judgement or advice. I am simply a Chicagoan, who has often shared your stories or even lived these lifestyles as well. As an adult, with a past, I’ve been blessed to be able to tap into my inner worth and see the error of these ways and now, I am simply doing what someone did for me: paying it forward. With stories, that I write for you to love! So, enjoy and please leave your review where you got your copy. If you have family or a friend who has not read one of my titles, feel free to suggest one that is possibly geared to the message that THEY need to receive. Remember, you can also pass the message, simply by sharing the book! “You see that a person is justified by works and not by faith alone.” (James 2:24)

Thank you Dominque Wilkins better known as Dee Double U for hanging out today. I’m glad you’re here, we need more stories like yours everywhere! Now that we know a little bit about you, we’d like to ask some questions so let’s get right to it!

1.   What made you choose to write in the Genre that you write in?

My stories are all real life situations that everyone has experienced in their life at one time or another. I’ve had my storms and in the mist of them, someone encouraged me to get me through. This is what I hope to achieve in my books. To give someone else, what was given to me.

2.   What is your favorite thing about the writing experience and why?

I absolutely love when someone reads my story and “gets” me! It is the best thing in the world. It is like a teacher listening to a child read after a lesson.

3.   What was the first moment you knew you wanted to write?

I knew that I should write books, because I had always been good at entertaining people with my playful stories, so when I began to hurt and found my heart going out to so many wronged people, I decided to use books to reach them.

4.   How do you handle bad reviews?

Initially it stings, but I do take everything into consideration because I strive to be better at all times. I never respond to a reviewer as a reply to their words, instead I simply try to incorporate that info and take it with me into my next title, if I can.

5.   What book do you recommend everyone should read and why?

That is a difficult question, but the answer is going to be simple. IF having to choose which one of my babies to read, I will suggest 13 Heroes-Your Favorite Bible Stories Today. I believe that this title is very necessary and even people who are not in touch with their faith can enjoy and take something from these stories.

6   Where is your favorite place to write?

I love to write in the park in the summer sun!

7.   When you write, do you write for a long period of time or do you write in short burst?

I write when I can and when I feel it, so that when I am done, I feel comfortable that it is good and the story is sealed with passion.

8.   What words of advice would you give to aspiring authors?

Do not write what everyone else is writing about, write about whatever story that you feel the most passionate about. This will keep you excited and the readers too.

9.   If your book was turned into a movie who would you want to direct it?

Tyler Perry or Oprah

10.   What is your favorite time of year?


11.   Where is your favorite place to read?

I would love to read on a hammock under a shady tree.

12.   What is the worse book you have ever read?

This I may have already blocked out! lol

13.   What is your favorite song?

As of today, A Little More Jesus by Erica Campbell.

14.   What is your favorite musical artist?

Shirley Caesar!

15.   What projects do you have planned for the future?

I am the CEO of a business called Authors Promoting Success, that will be launching this month, where we will be offering author mentor-ship to help others build their brand and boost their business in similar genres. They can go to when it is officially up and running for info and pricing.

16.   What is your favorite movie?

Fireproof #LOVE IT

17.   What do you hope to say to people with your writing?

Be encouraged. You are not alone. Seek God and talk to Him…thy rod and thy staff will comfort you, when you do!

18.   What do you dislike the most about the publishing world?

Some people make it look so easy and because they do, it invites an influx of people who make it look so bad.

19.   Where do you see yourself in five years?

I pray to have reached a lot of people through my books in some way and prayerfully been able to stabilize my personal life, where I can be active as a mentor to others who need a hug, a smile and an uplifting message.

20.   Do you have an official website?

21.   Where can we find you on social media?

Facebook and Twitter

22.   Where can we find your books?

All of my purchase links are available on

Theresa in Wonderland

Theresa survives a near death experience and is so grateful for life, she puts the incident so far behind her, that she takes herself out of the real world and into wonderland. Suddenly, when the real world comes crashing into wonderland, she is forced to deal with her loved ones dying, lying and hurting her all at once. Too much to take. Will she take it and bounce back or take her life instead?

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