A Game-Changing Christmas (In The Heart Of A Valentine Book 4)


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Two prominent families. A six-year rivalry. A common enemy.

In this season of giving, love is in the air for the Rose and Valentine families. Because of the addition of in-laws, they both are in pursuit of new land and developments to build lasting memories with the ones they hold dear.
So when they submit bids against one another, their rivalry heats to a level that will bring them to a head; until they both become outbid by a new competitor. On the heels of a love affair brewing, the need for a partnership arises that may shut down the foundation of their feud permanently, or possibly, extend it.
Can the families put aside their pride to reach their ultimate goal and mend fences? Or will their feud continue with no end in sight?

Authors note* While the central plot of this story is resolved by the end, the brewing romance between Raphael and Bri is not. You can find their full story also on Amazon titled, With Your Permission.

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