Revenge – Season 3 Premiere RECAP

The new season of Revenge starts with some surprises and for me disappointments. In the first 60 seconds Emily is shown in a wedding dress drinking a glass of wine. She apologizes to someone and then she’s shot three times. Into the water she falls and floats for a second before the show rewinds two months earlier. Okay, so I already expected this to happen because of course they can’t get rid of Emily in the first episode right? So Daniel and Emily are preparing for a wedding that Emily keeps trying to put off until the end of the episode, when she chooses August 8th for the date.

Before that, Emily gets Nolan out of jail and buys him a house down the shore from her, which Nolan is grateful for but by no means will he hack another computer system again after going to jail for it. Emily understands and Nolan finds another way to help his girl out which he does with a show stopping performance. Emily is hosting Conrad’s congratulations ceremony for becoming governor. In the mist of it Nolan drops in literally, with a parachute strapped to his back, he bust out of his flying gear only to stand in an all white tuxedo. Smoothly he hands Emily a toxin in which she pours into Conrad’s drink and as a result he passes out during his speech.

The doctor (hired by Emily) tells the family Conrad has Huntington’s disease and he is dying quickly. He tells the family Conrad should take it easy and by his new job as governor causing so much stress he should step down. But we all know Conrad’s arrogance will last until he takes his last breath. Victoria is her same deceitful self and so is Ashley who has the audacity to try and black mail Emily. (Insert laugh here) I am shaking my head at Ashley because she is black mailing the wrong one. Does she know who she’s dealing with? Obviously not, but she is soon reminded that this game is not hers. While Emily put her pawns into place to get ready to knock the king and queen off their throne, someone is putting their own pawns in place.

Jack surprises us, well me anyway. Just when I thought him and Emily would have a secret love affair, he pumps her breaks and tells her he never wants to see her again. Emily is crushed and so am I. Ouch! That hurt big time, I was in love with them after that passionate kiss they shared but the blow off was harsh. Wow Jack I didn’t know you had it in you. I have no idea what Victoria’s son Patrick has cooking up his sleeve but I’ve got my eye on him. Charlotte is all grown up and has a attitude like her mom. She’ll make a good Grayson after all.

What I didn’t like about this episode is, the only mention of the baby Charlotte was carrying was when Victoria said she lost the baby. I was thinking REALLY? That’s it? Booooooo! Then they didn’t even give Deckland a funeral, I mean it was so over looked to me. Double boooooo! Come on ABC you could’ve came better than that. I feel it would’ve been heartfelt, and would’ve struck a nerve in Jack and Charlotte. I wanted to see her lose it when she found out Deckland didn’t make it. But we got none of that. Instead the show went on starting months later like all of that was irrelevant.

The premiere did end with a bang. We all want to know the big question, who shoots Emily? There are many possible answers to this question. My sister and I were debating this topic and we were left stumped. We figured it could be Jack, he has a reason to be mad at her. It could be Charlotte when she finds out Emily is really her half sister and has been lying all this time just to destroy her family. It could be Daniel, maybe Emily and Jack fall in love, get married, and Daniel is pissed and wants revenge. It could very well be Aiden! He shows up on Victoria Grayson’s balcony and when she questions why he’s there he says he wants to destroy her next door neighbor (meaning Emily) like she does. At this point I almost drop my laptop. What in the universe is he doing! He just as well could be jealous and brokenhearted to the core and that would definitely give him a reason to shoot Emily. So with all these possible scenarios who do you think shot Emily?

Revenge – Season 3 Premiere


Are you ready for Season 3 of Revenge on ABC? I am! Last seasons finale ended with a double bang. Bombs exploding, lies, deceit, revenge, love and murder wrapped up in a two part episode. Being on the edge of my seat doesn’t begin to describe the emotions I felt watching it. Jacks brother Declan dies from a heart rupture an Jack goes to the Grayson manor, retrieves the gun and heads to kill Conrad. Poor Jack, he has no idea how big this revenge plot is but somehow he’s managed to get all tangled up in it. With his wife “Amanda” being killed on previous episodes, there is no telling what he will spring on us in season 3.

Sources say he’s out for blood, and can you really blame him. Just when we thought this revenge was all about the real Amanda Clark and her father David Clark it could just as well be about Jack and his revenge. We shall soon see.

Among other things, Nolan is setup and gets thrown in jail for executing willful acts of terror against the United States of America. Aiden manages to get out of jail and him and Daniel have a mocho man showdown at Emily’s apartment. The show leaves us in suspense as to what happened to Aiden seeing as, Daniel’s eyes were on a gun and he is seen later in the episode with blood on his shirt. Did he kill Aiden or what?

I’m telling you season 3 can not get here fast enough! What will happen when Charlotte finds out about Declan, will she leave the Grayson’s manor for good? What about after Jack found out Emily is the real Amanda Clark? And let’s not forget ¬†Governor Conrad, ¬†has joined the initiative what will be his leading role? Also, the devious vixen we knew as Ashley Davenport, Conrad’s assistant will not be returning to season 3. Womp Womp.

If you missed the season 2 finale, you can find it on or Season 3 premieres September 29th on ABC. The promo is below it’s about a juicy thirty seconds and if you keep your eyes on the screen without blinking you will see Jack kissing Emily! Woot Woot!

What are your thoughts on last seasons finale and who do you think is shooting Emily, in the season 3 premiere?