Beautiful Assassin

Alright, back in December I posted a #shortstorychallenge that was well received. I broke it down into 2 parts. If you didn’t get a chance to read it. You can find part one here…/short-story-chall…/ and part 2 here…/short-story-chall…/

This is now a full novel! My editor describes it as a thriller/mystery with urban street grittiness. *Y’all know that’s out of my lane right* lmbo (NOT!) Ha! Annnnnnnd it wouldn’t be right if I didn’t throw in a romantic element. (snickering…)

This book is available for pre-order 😉
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Retired hitwoman Celine Briggs loved few people in this world; Her husband Alan, and her ex-handler, Brian Devereaux. When Celine took her marital vows, she exchanged the life of guns, drugs, and violence for the peaceful life as Alan’s wife. However, not all things buried stay hidden.

When Celine’s past comes knocking, it rattles her world and forces her back into the life she vowed to give up. Now she’s turning up the heat on the streets of Chicago, showing no mercy to the men who’ve undoubtedly marked themselves.

*Just a heads up this book moves fast with gun violence, profanity, and sexual situations.*


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