Happy New Year!

Happy New Year2016


Hola, I hope your new year came in just right!  Let’s talk about what’s in store for Love Is A Drug, Ink in 2016!  First things first, I’ve started pop up contest and giveaways.  This is exactly what it sounds like.  I will be giving away gifts on the spot to followers of this blog.  If you’re not following my blog, you should do so now.  These pop up contest and giveaways will not be promoted.  The only way you’ll have the chance to participate, is only if you’re following my blog.

Next, I have multiple releases this year.  That’s right, I said multiple.  Including but not limited to the final book in the Trouble in Paradise series!  Yaaaaaaaaasss!!! I hope you guys have enjoyed it so far; I will reveal the cover soon!  However, my first release of 2016 is Mistaken Identity.  It is a stand-a-lone title.  I can’t wait for you to get your hands on this one!  FYI, if you’ve read any or all of my books and you have not left a review PA-LEASE do so!  I appreciate it.

Also, every two weeks on this blog there will be a teaser posted.  This post will be titled ‘Risky Retreat’.  It is specifically for your reading pleasure.  The teaser that’s posted will range from either an up and coming book or a free short story.  I would love it if you would share the blog post on your social media pages.

Last but not least there will be contest and giveaways with each book that’s released this year! I’m going to tell you;  I have been writing my cutie patootie off! LOL Yeah, I said that.  There are more stories to be written then I can keep up with but nonetheless, I am still writing in the mist of, publishing and promoting.  This is where your help would be even more appreciated.  Don’t hesitate to share my posts peeps.  When I drop a book cover, a teaser, or a release date please SHARE IT!  If you feel the need to change your profile pics during the release of these books by all means don’t let me stop you! LOL.  Seriously, tweet, facebook, Instagram it! *Blows kisses* The first Risky Retreat starts this Wednesday, January 6, 2016! Be there or be square!

Get information on new contest, book releases, appearances, and a sneak peek at the first Risky Retreat by clicking the link below!

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