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Hola!  I know it has been a long time since I’ve blogged. Six months to be exact. I’ve had a lot going on.  To try and make a long story short. I had a baby!  Yay!  A little boy by the name of Noah who was born premature.  So I’ve been in mommy mode and only focused on his well being since I had him May 11, 2015.  However, my pen still bleeds!  I have some great reads coming up and they are indeed going to feed your need to read! First up is Mistaken Identity.  This story line came to me out of the blue!  It was not something I’d pondered on for a while then decided to write like most of my stories, but I knew I wanted to produce another drama filled romance novel without it being a part of a series.  So Mistaken Identity will be my first stand a lone book.  Exciting right?  Well unless you fall in love with the characters so much that you want to hear more from them.  Then I’ll bet you’ll be saying, “Stephanie is there going to be a sequel?”  And I’ll be saying, “Nooo.” LoL.  Sometimes you guys force my hand though but I would have to get an overwhelming response for a sequel for me to do that with this story.  So what is the story about you ask?  Here’s a blurb I’m working on that is still in the process of being tweaked:

The only thing Briana and Tiana have in common are their identical looks.  Being a successful defense lawyer and partner at an’ elite downtown firm, a doting wife with two beautiful children, and having a best friend and ace is all that Briana could ever ask for but that’s about to change.

Tiana is tired of pretending to like her sister in fact she doesn’t love her at all.  She’s had enough of being in Briana’s shadow and after plotting her sister’s demise she takes the ultimate step to kill her and take over her life.

When Briana wakes up in the hospital after a year of being in a coma nothing is familiar to her not even the handsome gentleman sitting next to her bedside.  With smooth brown skin and a strong square jawline his masculinity keeps Briana’s voice at bay.  Even when his alluring brown eyes turn to meet hers with surprise no recognition hits her but she does feel something else.  Discouraged by her empty memory the thoughtful stranger turns into her knight in shining armor. Could she have been so lucky to wake up alongside him or does she need a serious wake-up call?

Mistaken Identity

This story comes jammed packed with romance, drama, and suspense.  With every new story I write I make it my business to try and out do myself.  I’d like to think I improve and all of my stories leave the reader’s thirst quenched but wanting more.  If you’ve read one of my stories before I’d love to know what you thought about it even if you think I have areas of improvement I’d love to hear those!  Leave your thoughts here or leave a review on Amazon, Barnes and Nobles, or Kobo for my current series Trouble In Paradise or for my Lunch Break series.  Tell me what you think of Mistaken Identity so far.  Are you intrigued? Will you be reading?

2 thoughts on “Coming Soon!

  1. MzMeMe1974 says:

    Am I intrigued? Oh yes I am! It’s been a long time coming. I can’t wait to read another one of your five star, best selling masterpieces, so yes I’ll be reading! Just call me the Amazon Stalker! Congrats to you and your hubby on your marriage, and the birth of your new arrival. I’ve been following you, so I know the road has been rocky, but keep in mind that God won’t put you through nothing that you can’t handle. Just remember to keep praying, and keep Him first in your life and He will see you through all obstacles. God bless you and your family. ♡

  2. Stephanie Norris, Author says:

    I’m glad you’re excited! The Amazon stalker now that’s too funny! LMBO! Thank you I really appreciate it and know that I’ll always put everything I’ve got into my stories! God will remain first in our lives and I’m so grateful to him for everything he’s done for me! Noah is getting better by the day! Won’t he do it! Woot Woot!

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