Writer’s Paradise


The location is Miami Florida, South Beach to be exact. I’m sitting comfortably in a condo with my laptop and feet propped up. The latest story I’m writing is spilling out of me so fast my fingers can barely keep up.  The music is soft R & B, preferably Pleasure P, Jeremih, and Alicia Keys.  My story is taking character’s into places that will be hard for them to get out of.  Love, passion, obsession, and drama spill out on to the pages.  I’m in writers paradise.  My scene is set and I can go nowhere but to the end of this story from here.  Some places are perfect for writing while some complicate the art.  This setting would be my ideal location for creating a great story. Of course I could write just about anywhere especially when the story decides to come at anytime.

As a writer if I could pick my environment every time I wrote I would start with South Beach.  I more than likely wouldn’t move from that spot for a while. However, my next couple of stories are coming from the comfort of my own home. #TheKeysToMySoul is a romantic suspense that goes above and beyond the normal romance story.  The main female character Cassandra is in over her head but she’s so blinded by love she doesn’t see the storm coming and really she doesn’t care.  Cassandra is willing to go through that storm and fight it if she has to. Catch a teaser below;

 “Listen sweetheart,” Jackie placed her fingers under her daughters chin and lifted her head. “He’s a married man. You have to let him go. He doesn’t belong to you.” She said.

“But I belong to him,” Cassandra said. “I can’t let him go; everything that I am belongs to him my mind, my body, my heart. I am his slave, I don’t know if you call this love but whatever it is I’m in it and there’s no way I could ever leave him alone.

“You should never let someone have that much control over you. Get a grip of yourself!” Jackie said.

“But he does control me mama. He holds the keys to my soul.”

Yeah it gets real.  This story is apart of The Lunch Break Series which is a series of different short stories presented for your reading pleasure.  If you’re like me you like to read no matter where you are.  You could be on your lunch break.  The Lunch Break series gives you the opportunity to read a full story from beginning to end during that lunch break hour so you can feed your need to read.  Also coming up is #MistakenIdentity This is a full novel that will debut at the Black Writers and Book Clubs Literacy Festival Saturday September 20, 2014 where I will be a participating author.  To find out more about this event check out http://bwabcliteracyfestival.com/stephanie-norris/

If you’re a writer where is your favorite place to write? If you’re a reader what’s your favorite place to sit back and enjoy a good book?

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