Open Marriage Anyone?



Recently I saw something that caught my attention about being in an open marriage and I must say the idea was interesting. What would be the benefit in being in an open marriage I wonder?  In my youthful days (when I didn’t know any better) I found that having more than one partner, boo, boyfriend, or whatever you want to call it was exciting at the time but only ended up with someone getting their feelings hurt.  More times than not that someone was me!  Okay, so it’s understandable that a person would have the urge or need to share experiences with different people but isn’t that what friends are for?  Yes I know, friends can only share so much but how much of yourself are you really willing to share?

As I ponder on this I must say nothing is always good.  Nothing is ever perfect and a lot of the time you may find yourself disappointed.  This of course is when it comes to relationships.  We all crave to have someone special in our life.  However, once we’re with this person for so long we start to crave for something new.  I do believe it’s all about the new.  Open marriages must be open to try and keep the ‘spice’ in the relationship so to speak. Although this is an interesting concept once the fun is done the emotional side effects are on full blast.  Let’s look at a different side of ‘spice’ for a minute.

Role play, it has to be the safest method to spice up a relationship with ‘different people’ so to speak without the strain on the relationship once the emotions set in.  My husband and I love this method because we can pretend we are Kimberly and Jason (insert laugh here).  We’ll take our role plays as far as a billiards club remove our rings and pretend we’re single meeting each other for the first time.  I’ll play a little hard to get but of course he never gives up and the experience leads to a little spice, romance, four play, and more. This has to be the most healthy yet productive way to keep the relationship a blaze.  You should try it.  In the meantime let me know.  Are you up for being in an open marriage or is role play more your forte?

3 thoughts on “Open Marriage Anyone?

  1. Aprildenise says:

    Great Post! I think it’s very important to have something additional in a relationship to help keep it spicy. Sometimes my husband and I will role play. We don’t have names for each other but we will at random say something like “Oh I don’t know my boyfriend may get me.” It could be while we are on the phone, at home or via text. Lol or we like to do the bad girl and cop thing. The bad girl maybe speeding or something and he has to frisk me and/or whatever else may come along with the situation. It’s fun!

    • stephaniennorris says:

      Awesome, I absolutely love that! Believe it or not my husband and I have never tried the bad girl cop thing but I did use to have a nurse outfit lmbo! It’s definitely fun and exciting. Bravo to you and your husband April!

  2. Marissa says:

    Role playing is a good idea. Open marriage to me is for people who no longer honor the vow and commitment of marriage. The only thing you are opening is the door for Satan to come right on in and wreck havoc on your life. Smh

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