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Born and raised under the sunny skies and the whitest beaches in northwest Florida, Candace Shaw knew she wanted to become a writer after she read Little Women in fourth grade. After graduating from the University of West Florida with a degree in Elementary Education, Candace began teaching and put her dream of becoming a writer on hold until one summer vacation she started writing again and hasn’t stopped.

When Candace is not writing or researching information for a book, she’s reading, shopping, learning how to cook a new dish or spending time with her loving husband and their loyal, over-protective weimaraner, Ali. She is currently working on her next fun, flirty, and sexy romance novel.

Candace Shaw thank you for stopping by to visit with us today. I am excited to meet and get to know the romance novels that you write. If you recommend any cook books let me know, I’m always up for cooking something new. Now that we have you for a few, we have some questions to ask you so let’s get right to it!

1.     What made you choose to write in the Genre that you write in?

I love to write contemporary romance novels because I believe in true love and everyone deserves a happy ending with their soul mate.

2.    What was the first moment you knew you wanted to write?

After I read Little Women by Louisa May Alcott when I was nine years, I was inspired and attempted to write my first play like the character Josephine “Jo”  March. I’ve written ever since.

3.   How do you handle bad reviews?

Bad reviews really don’t bother me like they did in the beginning of my career. After the second one I decided that everyone isn’t going to like my style of writing and that’s okay.  So now I sort of laugh at them and go about my day.

4.   When you write, do you write for a long period of time or do you write in short burst?

Both. It really depends on where I am in the book or on my deadline schedule. In the beginning of the book its usually long periods of time because I’m so excited to write the book and trying to get everything out of my head or off of my notes. Then in the middle, I may have a twist I didn’t see coming from my characters or I get stuck and that’s when the short burst of writing happens. However, if its deadline crunch time, I can write all day with little breaks in between.

5.   Who is your favorite character in your book and why?

My favorite character as of now is Yasmine Dubose from the short, free prequel Simply Amazing and the book Only One for Me.  She is the only heroine thus far that has a lot in common with me. She’s a first grade teacher (I taught first grade for ten years), easy-going, bubbly and doesn’t let too much bother her; however, there’s only so much she’s going to take from her significant other, and she’d rather be alone than be treated as if her feelings don’t matter. You’ll have to read Only One for Me to find out what happens.

6.   Who is your favorite author and why?

While I have quite a few favorites including Walter Mosley and LA Banks, my overall is Louisa May Alcott because she’s the reason why I started writing.

7.   What is your favorite scene from the book or why?

In my first book, Cooking Up Love, my heroine, Shelbi Arrington is a food critic who doesn’t really like the hero’s (Justin Richardson) signature barbecue sauce at his restaurant. They get into an argument over the fact she actually wrote that in her critique about her dining experience. She tells him to bottle his arrogant and pompous attitude and then storms out. Later on that evening, Justin stops by her home with new and improved barbecue sauces for her to sample. One of the bottles is empty, but it has a label that says “Justin’s arrogant and pompous attitude.” She finds it cute and forgives him.

8.   What projects do you have planned for the future?

Right now I’m working on the fourth book in the Arrington Family Series, Prescription for Desire which is Dr. Raven Arrington’s book. Her late husband was a police officer who was killed in the line of duty three months after their wedding. It’s now four years later and Raven has pretty much sunk herself into her work. She’s dating but nothing serious and doesn’t want to marry again even though she longs to have a baby. I decided to send her away to medical clinic in Argentina for a few months where she meets Dr. Armand Phillips, a smooth-talking, ladies man who is five years younger than her.  That book will be released in spring 2014.  The last book in the series, My Kind of Girl will focus on the middle sibling, Dr. Sean Arrington, a psychiatrist and his love interest, Traci Jones who is a horticulturist at the botanical gardens.  My goal is fall or winter 2014 for its release.

I’m also excited about the release of my first book with Harlequin Kimani Romance, Her Perfect Candidate which will be released in June 2014 and is a part of the Chasing Love series. The Chase family are cousins to the Arrington family and the heroine Megan Chase was first introduced in The Game of Seduction. Megan is an upcoming interior decorator who is ambitious, career-focused and prefers her single life until she meets Georgia state senator, Steven Monroe. Megan and the sinfully sexy politician need each other in more ways than they realize and embark on a journey that they both want to win.

9.    What is your favorite time of year?


10.   Where is your favorite place to read?

 In my reading rocking chair I’ve had since high school.

11.   What is the best book you have ever read?

Wow. There are so many but one that has always stuck out in my mind is Everlasting Love by Gay G. Gunn.

12.   Coffee or Tea?


13.   Do you have an official website?

Yes, readers can find out about upcoming releases, book excerpts and works in progress at

14.   Where can we find you on social media?

TwitterFacebook Fanpage

15.   Where can we find your books?

 My books are available with Amazon, Barnes and Noble, iTunes, Kobo, Smashwords and All Romance eBooks.

I’m currently running a sale on the first book in the Arrington Family Series, Cooking Up Love. It’s on sale for 99 cents until February 1st.

Check out Cooking Up Love on Feed Your Need to Read

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