NanoWriMo Day 17 How to cure your writers block

It’s day 17, National Novel Writing Month is halfway through and heading to the finish line. To all of my daring novelist that took on the challenge and are still going strong, kudos to you! It is no doubt that this journey is a tough one. With any and everything threating to get in your way it’s almost like you must ignore all interruptions and be determined that nothing come hell or high water will stop you. Granted, some things just can’t be helped like say; Thanksgiving? Ah yes, the turkey holiday is coming up and will be a distraction for most of us. Meaning we will have to write twice as much to stay on target. I can guarantee you I won’t be getting any writing done that day.

There is also, Black Friday. Oh yes, it too is coming right behind Thanksgiving and once again you can count me out for writing those two consecutive days. What does that mean for me and maybe you. We must go hard in the paint! (Insert laugh here) I am already writing a head of schedule just to make sure when those days are missed I will still be on target nonetheless. Right now my NanoWriMo stats show I will finished my novel by November 27, 2013. That’s three days before the deadline. Hopefully, (fingers crossed) by the time Thanksgiving gets here it will be saying winner 2013. I would like to be more than a little a head of the game.

This will be my first year winning Nano if I can stick to my guns and God willing I’ll be wearing one of those Nano Halo’s as well (laughing again). For you who don’t know what the Nano Halo’s are, they are around the heads of past winners of National Novel Writing Month and they’re too cute! So far, I’ve gotten over 30,000 words down and I’ve got just around 20,000 to go. God bless me! If you’re stuck in a rut and can’t seem to find the words or inspiration. Check out this video to help you get out of your writers block! Or as I like to call it, writers funk!

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