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Stacy-Deanne (Dee-Anne) is a published novelist of crime fiction, mystery/​suspense, and romantic suspense with interracial subplots. She started writing professionally in 1997 when she was nineteen years old. Stacy grew up loving the suspense genre. Her idols are Edgar Allan Poe and Alfred Hitchcock. Her love for Psycho and many of his movies fueled her fire for suspense.

Stacy´s books include Everlasting (Simon and Schuster, 2007), Melody (Simon and Schuster, 2008), Giving up the Ghost (Peace in the Storm Publishing, 2011) and The Season of Sin (Peace in the Storm Publishing, 2012). Stacy’s books have been nominated for numerous awards.

Thank you Stacy for coming to hang out with us today. We will definitely have to take a look into your books. I personally love romance drama, and suspense novels for I am a sucker for love! Now that you’re here we have a few questions to ask you so let’s get right to it maam!

1.   What made you choose to write in the Genre that you write in?

I write mysteries and crime novels mixed with interracial romance.  My love for these genres comes from the heart. Since childhood I’ve always loved mysteries and suspense. I love the puzzles that these stories present. I love having to search for answers through twists and turns. I love suspense because it’s the element of excitement and tension. I write interracial romance because I’ve always had an interest in it. I’ve always been attracted to white guys and I believe that love does not have a color.

2.   What is your favorite thing about the writing experience and why?

I love writing itself of course. It makes me happy and I don’t think I could ever stop. I love being published because it allows me to share my work with the world. It’s amazing to not only create characters and a whole new world, but to share that with people all around the world. Authors and readers have a connection that can’t be replaced.

3.   How do you handle bad reviews?

I’ve been in the industry a long time and part of being a professional is to realize that not everyone will like my books or my style of writing. So I might get a bit gloomy if the review is tough, but I move on by remembering the people that enjoy my work. Authors gotta have a level of confidence and believe in themselves to make it in this business. One thing I would never do is respond to a bad review. I am totally against responding to reviews, especially bad ones. I wouldn’t want a reader to feel like I am ungrateful. A reader has a right to not like my book and comment on that just like I can do the same for books I read. I realize it’s nothing personal. They are critiquing my work, not me.

4.   When you write, do you write for a long period of time or do you write in short burst?

I usually write all during the day so I stop and start. I write according to how I feel. Sometimes I wanna write in big chunks, but most times I write constantly all day so I write in segments. I usually write two or three scenes at a time.

5.   What is your favorite character in your book and why?

Detective Brianna “Bree” Morris of my current series is my favorite. I’ve grown so close to her since beginning the series. Each time I write a new book starring her I feel like I learn a little more about her. I’ve grown close to her kind of like you would a real friend.

6.   What is your favorite scene from the book or why?

In the latest installment of the Bree and Steven series, The Wild Life, my favorite scene is the one where Bree confronts her estranged father, George. The reason it’s my favorite is because it’s so emotional.  Bree finally gets the chance to tell George how his absence has affected her as a person and a woman. The audience sees more into Bree and can understand why she makes the decisions she makes. It’s a very important scene and I think those that grew up without their father around will relate. This scene not only ties The Wild Life together but it answers questions from previous installments.

7.   What is the worse book you have ever read?

The Catcher in the Rye.  Ugh. I HATED Holden Caulfield. He was so arrogant and obnoxious. The fact that the story was told from his point of view is why I didn’t enjoy it. I also give The Catcher in the Rye the credit for why I don’t like first person books now. I read Catcher in the Rye in school and ever since then I have had a dislike for first person books. No offense to those who write them, but I haven’t read many I enjoyed. I find many first person books told from a character’s POV that’s either arrogant or uninteresting. That was the big issue with Holden. I feel like if you’re gonna do the first person POV then the character needs to be someone folks will wanna hang around with for an entire book.

8.   What is the best book you have ever read?

The Portrait of Dorian Gray by Oscar Wilde. It’s one of the books that made me interested in suspense. Wilde does a brilliant job of giving up a well-rounded villain in Dorian Gray. I love villains that are three-dimensional and that you have to root for yet dislike at the same time. This is one of my favorite books ever. Dorian was such an intriguing character and Wilde does a wonderful job bringing us into Dorian’s treacherous world.

9.   What projects do you have planned for the future?

Oh I have a lot going on. I have started three short story serials that will be releasing soon in installments. I have two novels coming out in 2014 and another in 2015. Right now I am also working on a new book for a new series and hopefully I’ll be announcing another deal for that one soon. The book I am working on now and the opportunity presented from it was unexpected and I am very excited. So I might have even more work out in 2014. We shall see.

10.   What do you dislike the most about the publishing world?

The industry has some very nice people in it but also some very selfish and hateful people. There are so many people that are willing to step over others to get what they want. What really bothers me is that many times it’s the ones you trust or who you thought were on your side that end up sticking it to you in the end. I recommend to every author to be careful of who they call friends in this industry. For me it’s safer to stay in my own lane and take care of business. I don’t put myself out there because I’ve been burned by so-called friends enough.

11.   Where do you see yourself in five years?

Wow, there are so many possibilities. LOL! I have no idea. I have plans that I am working on now but can’t say how things might end up. I hope that my work keeps rising to another level. I hope maybe there is a TV show made of my current series by then. LOL! Whatever happens, I’ll work hard to accomplish my dreams.

12.     Do you have an official website?

13.     Where can we find you on social media?

Facebook, Twitter, and Mailing list.

14.     Where can we find your books?

My books are available in print and ebook.

The Wild Life Buy Links: Nook and Kindle.

Check out ‘The Wild Life’ on Feed Your Need To Read

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