Revenge – Season 3 Premiere


Are you ready for Season 3 of Revenge on ABC? I am! Last seasons finale ended with a double bang. Bombs exploding, lies, deceit, revenge, love and murder wrapped up in a two part episode. Being on the edge of my seat doesn’t begin to describe the emotions I felt watching it. Jacks brother Declan dies from a heart rupture an Jack goes to the Grayson manor, retrieves the gun and heads to kill Conrad. Poor Jack, he has no idea how big this revenge plot is but somehow he’s managed to get all tangled up in it. With his wife “Amanda” being killed on previous episodes, there is no telling what he will spring on us in season 3.

Sources say he’s out for blood, and can you really blame him. Just when we thought this revenge was all about the real Amanda Clark and her father David Clark it could just as well be about Jack and his revenge. We shall soon see.

Among other things, Nolan is setup and gets thrown in jail for executing willful acts of terror against the United States of America. Aiden manages to get out of jail and him and Daniel have a mocho man showdown at Emily’s apartment. The show leaves us in suspense as to what happened to Aiden seeing as, Daniel’s eyes were on a gun and he is seen later in the episode with blood on his shirt. Did he kill Aiden or what?

I’m telling you season 3 can not get here fast enough! What will happen when Charlotte finds out about Declan, will she leave the Grayson’s manor for good? What about after Jack found out Emily is the real Amanda Clark? And let’s not forget  Governor Conrad,  has joined the initiative what will be his leading role? Also, the devious vixen we knew as Ashley Davenport, Conrad’s assistant will not be returning to season 3. Womp Womp.

If you missed the season 2 finale, you can find it on or Season 3 premieres September 29th on ABC. The promo is below it’s about a juicy thirty seconds and if you keep your eyes on the screen without blinking you will see Jack kissing Emily! Woot Woot!

What are your thoughts on last seasons finale and who do you think is shooting Emily, in the season 3 premiere?

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