Siberia – Season 1 Episode 8 RECAP “A Gathering Fog”


Sam becomes the hero in this weeks episode of Siberia. When Johnny get’s zapped after climbing up a tower, Sam the auto mechanic comes to his rescue, giving him CPR and chess compressions trying to get him to breath. He was being more than a good Samaritan, especially after Johnny lost his cool moments earlier telling Sam they should’ve left him for dead. The drama in this made up reality TV show continues to build as each character realizes, they are in over their head and may not make it back to family and friends alive.

Back at the camp, Neeko, Anne Marie, Esther, and Sabina set out to look for Irene who went missing in last weeks episode. They’re up to their knees in snow when they stumble upon a human hand, blue at the fingertips and obviously frozen. Hoping it’s not Irene, they start digging to find out it’s the former cast member ‘Natalie’ whom they all suspected left the show because of a note that was under her mattress. This sends them overboard, screaming and terrified, confused and broken about their own future. Anne Marie decides Natalie deserves the proper burial and even though they are in danger being picked off by an unseen enemy, no one can change her mind.  Esther stays behind to help Anne Marie bury Natalie and once they do, the two women run into trouble; literally, they’re on the move and the camera shakes as if the camera man is also running leaving us in suspense wondering like they always do.

When Johnny comes too; he tells Sam, Daniel, and Carolina (now Joyce) before he was zapped, he saw a house just right up the hill. Johnny is apparently disoriented and the others are skeptical because the last time he said he was sure of something, they ended up on a wild goose chase. Knowing they don’t really have a choice, the four start the hike up the hill when Carolina falls to the ground saying she can’t go on any further. I don’t know if you were thinking what I was thinking but did she really think this would be easy. She was getting on my nerves with all that whining and crying and I was thinking she should’ve stayed back at the camp. At this point I would’ve been frustrated and screaming, “girl get your butt up nobody has time to carry you! He said the house is over the hill now come on before you freeze to death!” I know, I know, that might have been a bit much but she was really getting on my nerves. Finally, they make it to the house and once in they find food, water, and things to warm up with. Good for them…I guess.

The show raps up as a fog enters the area of the camp and seems to swallow the remaining players. Neeko and Sabina are still looking for Irene, when they make the decision to turn around. “We’ve went too far,”Sabina says “we should turn around before it gets dark.” Then the fog clears and gigantic foot prints come into view. Whatever is out there killing them off is big and I mean HUGE! Immediately, Neeko and Sabina are worried and start to move faster to get back to the camp, but they get lost. While Neeko is trying to calm down Sabina she points out the burial that Esther and Anne Marie made for Natalie and those gigantic foot steps are all around it. “I don’t think they made it back to the camp,” Sabina says.  And once again we’re left wondering what is going on!

I have my theories, hopefully it’s not a lame big foot killing them lol, but the way the show has gone so far it seems like it may be extraterrestrial. What do you think?

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