Vengeful Intentions is on Kindle!

The time has come, have you read Trouble In Paradise?  If so, then you should be pumped up and ready for part 2. In Trouble In Paradise, we learned about Victoria Mathis and Joshua Eubanks two love birds that were relocating to another city (Chicago) and looking forward to the next steps in their future right?  Wrong! While they take the chance to leave and start anew.  Joshua is holding on to a major secret. He and his ex-girlfriend Danielle Shumaker have a on again off again sexual relationship and of course Victoria doesn’t know about it. Yet!

In this dramatic love story, Victoria, Joshua, and Danielle are caught up in one of the craziest love triangles known to man! Along for the ride is best friends Shayla Morrison better known as Shay, Dantae Matthews and even Danielle’s best friend Leon Taylor. These friends are a fantastic mix as all their lives intertwine to give you an exciting, breathtaking, screaming at the book, wet down below, laughable, heartbreaking escape into Trouble.

Eight months later, we catch up with the full crew in Vengeful Intentions which includes Greg and Caroline and even introduce a couple of key players Shelia Carmichael who is Leon Taylor’s cousin. Also, Brandon Lamone a correctional officer, District Attorney Barry Grounds, Internal Affairs Agent Lena Meens, and Judge Raymond Farragose. By now, you have experienced a different type of urban drama and should be ready for more! If you are head on over to my place and get part 2 of Trouble In Paradise. It is available on Kindle, Smashwords, Nook and pre orders for paperback.  I have to say I’ve truly enjoyed writing this series and I hope you enjoy reading it just as much! Make sure to leave your reviews on Amazon when your done reading.  There are contest with awesome prizes coming up but you must have read Vengeful Intentions to have a chance to win! Full details coming soon. ~Love Is A Drug Ink