“Order! Order in the court!” Judge Raymond Faragosse screamed as he banged down his gavel.  The courtroom was in an up roar.  It was Danielle Shumaker’s day in court and she was being release after eight months.

Danielle Shumaker was 30 years old.  She had been charged with voluntary manslaughter, burglary, kidnapping, assault with a deadly weapon, vandalism and resisting arrest.  Her charges were loaded and that was just the list she had from that dreadful event that happened about eight months ago.  Today she was on trial for what was supposed to be an open and shut case for District Attorney Barry Grounds, but it was turning out to be the worst case of his career.

Here is your first chance to win a copy of Vengeful Intentions part II of Trouble In Paradise.  It’s too easy to win!  You’re first step is to post on this blog “Love Is A Drug and I’m Ready!” Double your chances of winning by tweeting that same sentence using the hashtag #Vengeful Intentions.  Triple your chances of wining by posting that same sentence on the Facebook reader’s page!

Five people will be chosen to win a copy of Vengeful Intentions when it releases July 16, 2012! Ready? Let’s Go!

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