Best Stalker Of The Week Contest Giveaway!

Diamond Eyes Bookclub it’s your time to shine!! Trouble In 
Paradise Debuts soon and you can win a 
copy! How? The rules are simple! I’m looking for 
Danielle Shumaker (the nemesis) 
has you beat! But you can beat her at her own 
game, make your way over to my fan page. HIT THE 
LIKE BUTTON and post your best STALKER MUG SHOT! 
You can use props, make-up, or anything that 

will complete your best stalker image.  Winner will be 

announced Saturday the 18th and receive a kindle copy of 

Trouble In Paradise! *For DEBC members Only!* LETS GO!

Thanks everyone that particpated in this weeks contest, you 
were all great stalkers.  The Diamond Eyes Bookclub Stalker 

of the week winner is Dinah M. Scott!  Congratulations! 
Enjoy your copy of Trouble In Paradise!

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